Introducing Makadewa

A unifying strand between Ottawa and Gatineau.

A unique and amazing project for Canada.

Makadewa is a vision to revitalize the
Prince of Wales Bridge in Ottawa, On

Design firm prototypeD introduces the Makadewa (mak-a-day-wa) vision to propose a bold new use for this historic bridge. Spanning the Ottawa River, the Makadewa project introduces 48 mixed-use 'pod' buildings to create a unique and stunning destination for tourists and residents alike.

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In the News

City to install $250,000 gates on Prince of Wales bridge to block access
Ottawa Citizen - August 12, 2016

Our Vision

Modular Design

The prefabricated triangular pod buildings are designed in Ottawa and manufactured in Smiths Falls by prototypeD. Each pod costs around $100k fully fitup. They are incredibly strong, durable, light-weight, and highly sustainable.

Viva the Bicycle

We have designed the Makadewa vision to be completely accessible to bicycles and pedestrians. Like the High Line in New York City, the Makadewa vision brings a bold new use to a historic industrial railway and produces a stunning destination and unique Canadian wonder.

Revitalization and Renewal

This City-owned bridge was purchased in 2005 and has had several failed attempts to be revitalized. Presently it is sitting without a use, and the City plans to block it off with steel gates. Makadewa is about renewal.

A Project for the Next Century

Makadewa is a project bold enough to live up to the challenges of the next century. It is solar powered, adaptive, prefabricated, and reintegrates humans with nature.


Prefabricated goodness.

Making best use of our limited resources.

This Bridge Pod is just one of the exciting pod models which prototypeD is designing and fabricating in Ontario.

  • Our Team

    prototypeD is a collaborative design team, specializing in advanced manufacturing and digital media design. We design and manufacture sustainable buildings and technologies which make your world a better place. prototypeD also operates MadeMill, the leading-edge makerspace and advanced digital media lab at the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards.

  • Approach

    prototypeD is contributing to the revitalization of the Prince of Wales Bridge by doing what we do best: developing bold new visions of a better future. Makadewa is a vision to bring life and opportunity to the Ottawa river instead of barring off access to one of the most stunning destinations and vistas in Ottawa. An inter-provincial gem, this bridge could become a world-class destination and be a leading attraction in Ottawa. Just steps from Lebreton Flats, Windmill's Zibi project, and the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards, this site should be utilized to become all it can be.

  • Vision

    The Makadewa project presents a viable alternative approach and responds to a variety of issues; from blocking unsafe bridge access, to creating safe and sustainable interprovincial transit, to providing opportunities for affordable housing, to helping ensure food security, to providind public education and job opportunities, to facilitating greater public participation in the City planning process. We hope this vision will stir up positive conversations that lead to real outcomes, and we are looking forward to engaging with all the stakeholders to see how it could become a reality.

  • Next Steps

    Do you love the idea that Makadewa could redefine the Ottawa River in a positive and fresh new way? Help us share this vision with your local community leaders and on social media. That will start the conversation and allow us to take the next steps. Want to get involved? Join up with the prototypeD team and learn more about our vision of how innovation and advanced manufacturing are changing the face of Canada for the better.


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